Let's just say I hope you don't like golf.

Space to hit the ball, arrow keys to control the wind. Which way the ball is swung is out of your control. Don't let it fall in trees or water. Sand slows the ball down, but trampolines bounce it up.

How does it fit the theme? You can't control where the ball is aimed, only the wind.


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I really like the concept on this one. Very satisfying when I managed to get the ball in the hole. I really like how the ball bounces and you have to bounce it over obstacles like trees/sand/water.

Pressing space to hit the ball seemed very unresponsive (Is the input code in fixedupdate?). It seemed to be hit or miss whether or not it would actually swing. 


I'm glad you liked it! Regarding the input code, you're right and I probably should have moved the input code to Update. Whoops! I haven't played Sproinger yet, but I plan to in the near future.