After a busy week of development, I bring you... ColoroloC! Sorry about the lack of a web build; Unity kept giving me some vague error messages until I just threw in the towel. :/

As for gameplay, use arrow keys or WASD to move. Your goal is to grab the coin. If an enemy gets in your way, click the mouse to blast it into another dimension. However, when you collect the coin, you switch dimensions, so be sure to think ahead to avoid getting swamped.

I tried to go for as much duality as possible within my game. There are two mirrored worlds, two enemy types (each with differing traits: the ghost is faster, but the demon is larger), and even two versions of the sountrack! I also stuck to the two-colors optional challenge.

All in all, this is probably my last game jam for a while. I'm ready to start working on a more long-term project, and I'll probably be too busy in the coming months with exams and whatnot anyway. I can't wait to rate all the other games in the Duality Jam, though, and may the best game win! :)


ColoroloC 19 MB

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Watch Jam Game Showcase 2020-03-22 ~ Duality Jam from MrJoshuaMcLean on

I actually saw the stream a couple days ago, but thanks anyway! The line in the corner was the X button (one line was pink and one was purple). As you suspected, the music effect was made by me muting one track and letting another play. Thanks for streaming the game; I had fun watching you try to figure out the game! :)